Call for Abstracts


Abstract deadline: 1st February 2018 (Midnight UTC Time)
Abstracts to be submitted via email to:

Abstract Format (click here for example abstract):

  • Font type Arial, font size 12
  • Length no more than 800 words and not exceeding 2 pages (including tables and figures)
  • The text body should be normal typeface and ‘justified’
  • Figures, tables, graphs and images must be embedded in the text.

Abstracts should be structured as follows (see also attached example):

  • Abstract title (Bold)
  • Authors (Presenting Author in Bold)
  • Affiliations in italics
  • Introduction (Bold)
  • Materials & Methods (Bold)
  • Results (Bold)
  • Discussion/Conclusion (Bold)
  • Acknowledgements (Bold)
  • References using the following format: Author A, Author B. and Author C. [year], J. Title, Issue:page’

In composing abstracts, authors should adhere to the international consensus nomenclature guidelines for Radiochemistry and Pharmacokinetics

Abstracts will be reproduced as submitted by the authors, but possibly reduced in size.

Abstract Submission

Please send an email with your abstract(s) as an attachment (*.rtf or *.docx) with

  • Your name, address, institution
  • Your presentation preference: oral, oral/poster, poster only
  • Please select, copy and paste, the appropriate topic(s)/keyword(s) from following list into the text body of your email (choose all those that are most relevant):
    • In vivo normal physiology
    • In vivo pathophysiology
    • In vivo receptor-receptor interactions / interneuronal communication
    • In vivo in vitro discrepancies in molecular recognition
    • Misfolded proteins in vivo
    • In vivo human pharmacology
    • Evaluation of new therapeutics in vivo
    • Brain-periphery interactions
    • New methods, paradigms, targets and tools for mapping neuroreceptors at work
    • Evaluation of new diagnostic strategies using neuroreceptor mapping in vivo
    • Multimodal neuroreceptor mapping
  • Abstracts must be submitted to no later than1st February 2018 (Midnight UTC Time)
  • Any written requests to withdraw abstracts, signed by the first author, must be received before 15th February 2018.

For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the NRM2018 Congress Secretariat.